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Kursus Seo Di Tuban

Kursus Seo Di Tuban


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A reviewer who is a former PSAP manager liked the VPI QUALITY option for call reviews, noting, "a PSAP supervisor can use VPI QUALITY to scan for simultaneous factors. For instance if the department policy is for a 9-1-1 call taker to remain on the line for any in-progress call, VPI can scan for in-progress incident types that lasted for an exceptionally short period of 9-1-1 call duration. While logical explanations may be discovered for a disconnect, a supervisor or manager can have VPI automatically scan for such occurrences and then review the recordings of such calls to determine if the call was properly handled."

VPI introduced its analytics-enhanced VPI EMPOWER 911 suite of emergency voice recording, quality assurance and coaching tools in May of 2009. It has since been recognized by industry experts and users as the most ground-breaking suite that provides NG9-1-1 ready tools to record, analyze, evaluate and dramatically improve the quality of emergency call taker and dispatcher communications, while also reducing costs and personnel turnover. 

"VPI is delighted to be recognized for its technical excellence and unique insight into the needs of emergency communication centers," said Mike Mercadante, CTO and vice president of product management at VPI. VPI EMPOWER 911 is the only solution designed to help public safety organizations of all types and sizes to be well prepared for the emerging NG9-1-1 standards, including unified multimedia recording, precise assembly of evidence for investigations, and improved quality across communication channels. Consequently, we are experiencing a huge demand for this solution. Our customers can now proactively manage their emergency communications objectives with substantially improved speed and precision."

VPI EMPOWER 911 provides reliable emergency voice recording of analog, digital and VoIP phones and radios, capturing screen video and data with smooth conversion between different voice and data types. The solution delivers maximum security with strong access rights management, data encryption, file watermarking, and comprehensive user access audits. With VPI's new advanced screen analytics technology, emergency first responders can capture incident data directly from CAD screens and tag them to call recordings to quickly locate and evaluate the most serious types of incidents, comply with requirements and ensure that emergency response personnel communicates swiftly and accurately.

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