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Kursus Seo Di Jember

Kursus Seo Di Jember


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Notice we are using .Html and not .Text, because the FCKEditor does not have a property called .Text, it has .Html.
At this time when you run your application and view the EditContent.aspx page, your website will query the table, tblPages, and bring back the content for Home Page into FCKEditor.
Now its time to create 'Update' button on FCKEditor to save the changes webmaster is going to be making.
Step 1. Create a button under the FCKEditor on EditContent.aspx and name it btnUpdate
Step 2. Double click the button and view its click event. Once you see the code behind, enter this code
Notice we are using ExecuteNonDataset method because we are only updating and we do not need anything back. Right after we update the content we send user back to the same page. This will make sure the new content loads in your FCKEditor and the administrator / webmaster can see that the changes are saved.
     For those of you who are familiar with websites, you will know that the days of just building your own website and making it live for all to view are not as simple as they were ten or fifteen years ago. Also gone are the days of using one-word keywords for good SEO and high Google ranking. One would say that websites are no longer something that people can maintain as easily as they could before, because search engines are constantly changing their rules and algorithms.
Those who are just starting out into the world of web mastery will perhaps have a vague idea of what SEO is all about and how important it is for your website. Of course, these days anyone who has the time can setup his or her own website, but not everyone can make money out of it. One thing is, if you are thinking about setting up your own website; do not bog yourself down with the way it looks, as search engine crawlers will not care about its flash appearance but will take notice of its content.

Before venturing into the world of websites, there are a few things you need to know - many people make the mistake in learning how to design websites and ignoring the understanding behind what makes a website successful. If you are one of these people that do not know your 'traffic' from your SEO's then maybe you should read on. 

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