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Kursus Seo Bojonegoro

Kursus Seo Bojonegoro


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One of the ways where you can succeed in Internet network marketing is by Mastering SEO or search engine optimization.
In the past, marketing a product or services is an expensive undertaking with very limited scope. Today, one can promote an idea, product or service to the whole world with just a few dollars to shell out and a great deal of knowledge in SEO by doing a managed search engine marketing program.
Statistics (by shows that Google is the most used search engine for natural searches. Thus, for maximum reach, you must have a website that is designed primarily for Google and then secondary consideration is Yahoo or Bing. But it is not enough that you have an online presence for your business. Your presence must be felt most especially by your market niche.
Marketing and Advertising through SEO
You can only do this through mastering the correct SEO techniques. Basically, the aim in SEO is to get your site or web page listed in the first page of the SERP or search engine results page. Normally, people do not dig for information from sites placed in the second or third pages of the SERP. The SEO technique commonly used for this issue is the proper use of keyword phrases. The keywords are the words or phrases used when one searches for information on the Internet.
Using Keywords in Optimization
The key phrase must be located in strategic places within your web page so that the search engine can easily index it. Google has a software tool called Google AdWords where you can see which specific keyword related to your business can be used best for your search engine optimization strategy.
Choosing Keywords through AdWords

You can use AdWords to select the right keywords to use in your articles, blogs, videos and tags and URL structures. You can also submit write-ups and post videos related to your business in the social media and blog sites. Remember to put hyperlinks in each submission that will point back to a page in your site. It will be good to use a landing page where people get to see your invitation and can immediately act on it.

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