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Kursus Seo Banyuwangi

Kursus Seo Banyuwangi


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90% of clicks on the first page of Google's search results are made on organic links, and the other 10% go to paid ads. [Source: Infront, Value of Organic First-Page Results]
What drives "organic links" (ie, non-paid ads)? Good content - and this is why businesses are willing to pay for it instead of just shelling out money on Google ads, for example.
This phrase used above ("imported Persian rugs") is known as a keyword phrase. The way to get your website/blog to show up high in search results (eg, on the first few pages of Google) is to have lots of content on it with that keyword phrase - and related phrases (known as secondary keyword phrases) - in it.
This is a basic explanation of what SEO content writing is all about.
Now that you have a foundational understanding of this type of technical writing, following is how to start landing these types of writing jobs quickly.
Who Needs Lots of Content Regularly?
Internet marketers - and the reason is, they are constantly pumping out new products and services and need promotional material for it. What kind?
SEO articles;
Auto responder series;eBooks;Landing pages;Blog content;Sales letters; andNewsletters... and more.
And they want writers who understand search engine optimization because they know this is what it takes to drive traffic and sales.
A good place to find internet marketers who are looking for SEO writing services is WarriorForum. It is THE site for all things "internet marketing."
Freelance SEO Copywriting Rates
Rates for this type of writing - as in many freelance niches - are all over the place, and many of the ads you see on WarriorForum are going to be low - so don't be surprised. But, you don't have to settle for those rates.
If you're new to this type of writing, you may want to take on a few of those assignments to get your feet wet and to learn some things, eg, what goes into writing a good landing page; what is an email auto responder series; how to write a sales letter that pulls; etc.

Then, once you have some experience under your belt - and you don't have to do very many of these assignments to get the hang of it - you can start targeting higher-paying clients elsewhere with confidence. This is when your freelance SEO copywriting career will soar.

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