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Belajar Tentang Internet Marketing

Belajar Tentang Internet Marketing


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What impression is your brand giving?

The best way to know the feeling of your brand is to act like and uniformed searcher. When someone Googles your company's name, what do they see? It is proven that reviews draw people in, and these reviews don't necessarily have to come from a trusted source. Think of it this way: when you are looking at a product online, what reviews hold the most weight for you? Undeniably, it's the bad ones. In today's age of social culture, searchers are looking for unbiased opinions, and we find these on message boards and review sites.

If your company has already fallen prey to bad reviews, reverse SEO can still help. Internet marketing firms are adept at building SEO-rich content that can push bad reviews and bad press well below first page results. The vast majority of searchers do not go beyond the first page of search engine result listings when doing research. In fact, a remarkable 53 percent of all click throughs from a search query go to the first organic listing, and the top five listings garner 85 percent of all click throughs. If your company's content is ranking in search, your reverse SEO plan is working to protect your online image.

What can you do to be proactive?

Start a blog and keep it updated. Blogs give companies an opportunity to provide highly keyword dense content on a regular basis.

Respond to criticisms positively. Stay on top of reviews and let your followers know you are listening. You company isn't perfect all the time - be willing to admit where you are wrong and show that you will fix any hiccups that arise.

Employ social media ranking tools. Know the clout your critics hold and make sure high-ranking influencers are properly addressed.

It will take time. It takes a while to proactively build reverse SEO by adding rich content onto your site, but the benefits you reap will be rewarded in the end.Article Source:  Ventures principals have extensive experience in restoring reputations online, using Reverse SEO among other tactics to provide positive Services to help restore restaurant's reputations after bad reviews.

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