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Belajar Seo Youtube

Belajar Seo Youtube


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Include your primary keyword phrase in the name field rather than using your personal name. This SEO link building tip will help increase your keyword relevancy.

Link building can be done using a variety of online marketing strategies. It can be time consuming, but the long term results from using the above SEO link building tips make it well worth the effort.
Cynthia Minnaar is a full-time internet marketer and owner of  She invites you to visit her internet marketing training website for more link building tips. Click here:
Best SEO tip ever - SEO is like dating etiquette guidelines for how your website stands a better chance of getting noticed by Google and the other search engines.

Let's face it - we want Google to marry our websites and yet Google wants to date us and practically everyone else on the face of the internet. So its up to us to know how to best grab Google's attention and keep it.


Hygiene is important - just like in the offline world.
You want your content to be clean - stay away from adult content OK if you want to stand a chance for positive organic search engine results.

Build a site that loads quickly and easily. First impressions mean a lot even in the Google bot world. If your site takes too long to load for Google - they aren't going to let you near their customers.

Make sure you don't have HTML errors - they don't have to be visual to you to be seen by Google. You can run your site through an HTML checker to find if you have any and where they are.

Make sure your links are working. Broken links are seen by Google and they don't like them.

Be Friendly

Make it easy for Google to see your site.
If you're doing a lot of flash development on your site - especially the first page - there's nothing for the search engines to READ. They need WORDS. So if you ignore this point expect for Google to walk past you on the street and not say hello. No matter how pretty you are, Google can't see you without words.

Be Yourself, Know Yourself

Like in real life
If you are being yourself you may not have a million friends but the ones you have will really be your friends.

So being yourself in terms of your website is knowing what you are about and then being that.

Know your keywords - don't try to make every page or the home page of your site reveal the entire purpose of your life, site or business.

Focus on adding pages or posts and then optimize those for that one search term.

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